Search Engine Optimization (google)
Under this package
- We will contact you and discover what keywords and phrases best suit your needs, for your website.
- We will alter your hidden meta tags to raise your listings (5 pages total)
- We will add you to google places - to increase your exposure (if you are not there already)
- If you've ordered this package before, we will monitor your website traffic and see who is coming in to your website and what keywords they are coming in on
- Search engines update their listings periodically every 1 to 2 weeks depending on how popular your website is. So we will be changing the hidden tags on these schedules and google will update your listings, which slowly climbs you up the listings for your specific keywords.
- We suggest you use this package for a minimum of two months.

Creation and installation of sitemaps for indexing
51% of your traffic is coming from organic web searches. That's absolutely massive.  Help triple your advertising by getting google to index more pages through building site maps!
Seo and content creation, meta tag analysis and search engine submission
Content Management for the website
- We will create at least 4 pages (1 per week) to your blog and add the correct tags, do the meta tags, analyze search engine placement and resubmit pages. If you don't have a blog, we will add pages manually.
- We install share icons
- We will eventually install a twitter feed if none is there (this is optional)
- We will create a facebook page (if you dont have one)
- We create 1 article per week (so 4 a month) with your keywords
- We install relevant links on your side bar
- We install permalinks (for long rich page links) Wordpress only
- We install Yoast Search engine Optimization (Wordpress only)
- We create articles with tags, that generate more pages
- We advertise to google places.

Search Engine Optimization and submission. We will optimize as many pages as we can within the time left at the end of each modification (Typically about 10 pages per month or more)
Organic SEO - Bringing your links to the top
We modify pages, search page listings on google, remodify pages and then resubmit the page to the search engines. Over time this helps us climb each page up the rankings. We do this two times per month, once every two weeks. 1 Month plan.
Adwords and Organic SEO Management - Monthly

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