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Calgary Website Design Portfolio - Previous Work

Here is our web design portfolio, which gives you an idea of all the different types of things that we can do for you. Most clients seem to like the Wordpress content management system, which allows them to change their websites on their own, on the fly. We have many different types of website designs, from custom to template. So if you need a web designer in Calgary, you have found one of the companies with the oldest track record in Calgary Web Design

Island Dreams Realty

Island Dreams Realty is a custom website design, a fully responsive mobile website. We designed and developed it from the ground up, to a fully functional real estate website, using customized real estate software, tawkto chat system so clients can contact the website staff immediately, testimonial center, IGMS rental vacation area (so clients can rent properties) and this website is fully managed with organic Search engine optimization and Google Adwords SEO.

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Mario Molinari / Author

Mario Molinari's website is another custom wordpress design. Full responsive mobile website able to view in many different resolutions. We designed and developed it from the ground up and added a Book Store (for purchasing books) a biography and other things. On the inside, the site has full security, with CERBER Security... a login limiter that stops hackers from prying in and many other enhanced features to keep the website running smoothly.

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JayEm Learning Center (JELC)

JayEm Learning Center (JELC) is a customized, fully responsive website as well. This website has a fully customized wordpress website. We designed and developed it from the ground up, the theme, to the full functional university course software which allows their clients to order courses and then allows the website owners to manage them and give them tests and evaluate them. Eventually handing out course credentials. It has the tawkto chat system for quick access to site admins and principals and many more features.

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MCC Energy Groups Corporation

MCC Energy Groups Corporation is a customized, fully responsive mobile website in wordpress, that has an online jobs board (careers), that our client can post and accept resumes. It also has a news center where the client can post new and upcoming news to inform their users. Also inside it's fully loaded with all security measures (Cerber security) login limiters and tweak to run at top performance.

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